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What is Dry Ice Blasting?
Dry Ice Blasting is one of the most effective means of removing loose surface and tightly bonded contaminants. The process itself is similar to sandblasting, but provides an environmentally friendly, non-conductive, non abrasive and most importantly, a non-waste generating cleaning action.

How does it work?
Dry Ice pellets are propelled via compressed air towards the contaminated surface. The pellets hit the surface creating a micro-thermal shock, cracking and delaminating of the substrate then occurs. The dry ice pellets explode on impact, and as the pellet warms it converts to a harmless CO2 gas which expands rapidly underneath the substrate's surface. This forces the contaminant off from behind, where it then typically falls to the ground. The remaining dry ice sublimates into the air, with only the contaminant left for disposal.

CO2 Solutions - Dry Ice Blasting - Peterborough, Ontario. 705-768-6868

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